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Continuous friction welding

In the continuous drive friction welding, the two ends of the welded workpiece are fixed in the rotating jig and the moving fixture respectively. After the workpiece is clamped, the movable fixture on the sliding table moves to the rotating end along with the sliding table. After moving to a certain distance, the rotating end work begins to rotate, and the workpiece begins to be heated by friction. Thereafter, different control can be carried out, such as time control or friction reduction (also called friction deformation) control. When the set value is reached, the rotation stops and the top forging begins, usually exerts a larger upsetting force and maintains a period of time. Then, the rotary fixture is loosened and the sliding table retreats. When the sliding table is back to the original position, the movable fixture is loosened and the workpiece is removed. At this point, the welding process is finished.
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