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Friction welding machine bed

The friction welding of the utility model requires the two working room to have certain speed difference, make it friction with each other to produce certain heat and combine under the action of pressure to form the welding. This machine is to make the axial force of the main bearing basically balanced, so that the shaft bearing load is greatly reduced by double processing. A friction welding machine bed.
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Friction welding machine bed

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The electric upsetting machine of our company has the single position, 4 station, 6 station and all the hydraulic, full servo and pneumatic driving structures, which can be equipped with automatic feeding system to ensure the highest productivity level. (change slowly after completion)

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   整体组成:1.机身 ;2.装在机身导轨上的一队滑块; 3.装在机身导轨上的一队滑块外侧的主油缸组件 ;4.固定在机身上的主轴箱 ;5.主轴箱内装有一个两端具有加工夹具的主轴组件;该组件的组成包括:(1)固联在主轴上的卡盘主体;(2)从传动轴上的固定齿轮上接受工作扭矩的空套齿轮;(3)与受主油缸压力控制的压力继电器相连的套装在主轴上的摩擦片;主轴组件中的卡盘主体装有卡簧,卡盘主体与卡簧外联处倾角为14度,该处卡簧的倾角为15度。

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