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Inertia friction welding

Inertial friction welding is a typical friction welding process, this process is mainly through the flywheel energy storage, the first speed of the flywheel to a certain speed, the energy in the form of kinetic energy, and the free rotation of the flywheel and the workpiece, the release of energy in the flywheel, between the two pieces of friction, heat, pressure, to achieve two jobs. The binding between parts of the atom.
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Inertia friction welding

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Inertial friction welding is an advanced solid phase welding process. With its high quality, high efficiency, energy saving and no pollution, it has a broad application prospect in aerospace, automobile, oil drilling rod and other fields, and has been paid much attention by the industrial power.

The process of inertia friction welding welding: the rotating end of the workpiece is sandwiched in the flywheel. The welding process first accelerates the rotating end of the flywheel and the workpiece to a certain speed, then the flywheel is removed from the main motor, and the moving end of the workpiece moves forward. The workpiece begins to friction heat after contact, and the flywheel receives friction during the friction and heat process. Moment braking and reduced speed. When the speed of the workpiece on the flywheel, spindle system and rotary chuck is zero, the temperature distribution on the street also meets the requirements. Finally, under the action of axial pressure, end the welding process. Inertia friction has three technological parameters: flywheel moment of inertia, flywheel speed and axial pressure. The main feature is constant pressure and variable speed. It combines the continuous drive friction welding heating with the upsetting process.

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