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Machine tool and feed line

The feeding and unloading device of machine tool is an integral part of the automatic machine tool. After the semi-automatic machine tool is equipped with the feeding and unloading device, the processing cycle can be continuously and automatically carried out and become an automatic machine tool. The feeding and unloading device of machine tools is used in semi-automatic machine tools with high efficiency, short maneuvering time and frequent workpiece loading and unloading, which can significantly improve production efficiency and reduce manual labor. The feeding and unloading device of machine tool is also an indispensable auxiliary device to form an automatic production line.
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Machine tool and feed line

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The feeding and unloading manipulator is an important equipment to realize the automatic production line of machine tool manufacturing. The punching and unloading manipulator adopts integrated processing technology, which can grasp, transport objects or manipulate tools according to fixed procedures to complete certain specific operations. It is suitable for loading and unloading of production line, workpiece turnover, workpiece sequencing, etc. The upper and lower manipulators can replace human beings to engage in monotonous, repetitive or heavy manual work, realize mechanization and automation of production, replace manual operation in harmful environment, improve working conditions and ensure personal safety, so they are widely used in machinery manufacturing, metallurgy, electronics, light industry and atomic energy sectors. There are four main advantages of using loading and unloading manipulator equipment in automatic production line of machining.

One is to save human resources. Some materials, especially heavy materials, often require several workers to complete, and a punch manipulator can do it.

Second, it is a programmed operation with adjustable speed. The manipulator runs according to the specified program. By modifying the program content, the manipulator's action can be controlled.

3. Reduce man-made losses. If it is operated manually, it is unavoidable that accidents will not occur, workers will be injured, or the machine will be damaged, or the workpiece will be damaged. The manipulator can basically completely avoid these problems.

Fourth, there may be problems of efficiency and quality, the manipulator's operation speed is more stable, and the working time is longer, not disturbed by external factors, there will be no emotional, the feeding and unloading manipulator through the action set by the program, high precision, higher production efficiency of the automatic feeding and unloading manipulator, and better product quality.

In domestic mechanical processing, nowadays, many of them use special machines or manual machine tools to load and unload materials, which is very suitable in the case of relatively single products and low productivity. However, with the progress and development of society, product updating is accelerated, and the use of special machines or manual machine tools to unload and unload materials exposed very much. Many shortcomings and weaknesses, on the one hand, the special aircraft occupies a large area and has complex structure, inconvenient maintenance, which is not conducive to the production of automated assembly line; on the other hand, it is not flexible enough to adapt to the increasingly accelerated changes, which is not conducive to the adjustment of product structure; on the other hand, the use of labor will increase the intensity of labor and easily cause industrial injuries. Therefore, the efficiency is also relatively low, and the stability of the product quality using manual feeding and unloading is not enough to meet the needs of mass production. It can be seen that the above problems can be solved by using the automatic flexible handling system of feeding and unloading robots. The system has high efficiency and product quality stability, high flexibility and reliability, simple structure and easy maintenance, and can meet the production of different kinds of products. It is very helpful to enterprises.

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