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Nonstandard production line

The electric upsetting machine has a single station, 4 station, 6 station and all the hydraulic, full servo and pneumatic driving structures, which can be equipped with an automatic feeding system to ensure the highest productivity level.
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Nonstandard production line

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The automation system of non-standard production line mainly consists of the following parts:

(1) automatic transmission line: automatic delivery of the product, and the product tooling board in the assembly work position accurate positioning, assembly completion can make automatic circulation of the tooling board; equipped with motor overload protection, drive chain and transmission chain directly meshing, smooth transmission, reliable operation.

(2) robot system: accurately and quickly complete the assembly of components through a robot in a specific station, which can make the production line achieve a higher degree of automation; the robot can adjust to each other according to certain principles to meet the beat requirement of the process point; and a communication interface with the upper management system is available.

(3) automatic three-dimensional storage feeding system: automatic planning and scheduling and assembly of raw materials, and timely delivery of raw materials to the assembly line, at the same time, the stock materials can be counted and monitored in real time.

(4) full line main control system: the control system based on Fieldbus Profibus DP has not only high real-time performance, but also high reliability.

(5) bar code data acquisition system: making the information of various products standard, accurate, real-time and traceable, the system adopts high grade file server and large capacity storage equipment to quickly collect and manage the production data in the field.

(6) product automated testing system: testing final product performance indicators, transferring unqualified products to repair line.

(7) the production line monitoring / scheduling / management system: using the management layer, monitoring layer and equipment layer three level network for the whole production line comprehensive monitoring, scheduling, management, can accept the workshop production plan, automatic assignment, complete automation production.



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