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Competition pattern and analysis of valve industry

author:天津鹏鹄科技Release time:2018-09-10

Valve market can be divided into international market and domestic market according to the region. According to the market structure, it can be divided into main engine supporting market and after-sales maintenance market. The two combinations form four market segments. The competition pattern and marketization degree of each market segment are different.

(1) domestic main engine supporting market

The sources of valves required by the main manufacturers can be divided into two categories, namely, outsourcing and homemade manufacturing. Part of the main manufacturers to ensure the supply of their own core components of the engine, and build self supporting valves. However, with the specialization of valve production and the increasing investment threshold, the main engine manufacturer can not form a large-scale production and efficiency of self-made, the main engine manufacturer needs the valve has been mainly dependent on the purchase of matching.

According to the "China Valve Industry Panoramic Survey and Investment Prospect Research Report 2012-2016" published by China Industry Information Network, the domestic mainframe supporting market constitutes a pyramid supplier system. Among them, the first-line suppliers mainly for medium and high-grade passenger cars, medium and heavy trucks, large passenger cars and heavy industrial machinery for supporting, the entry threshold is higher, need to have a higher production technology, and require third-party certification and supplier audit; the second-line suppliers mainly for medium and low-grade passenger car parts. It is also a major supplier in the domestic maintenance market, while the target markets of the third-line suppliers are mainly small displacement mini-cars, agricultural machinery and motorcycles. The number of first-line suppliers is small, and the cooperative relationship with the host manufacturer is relatively stable. The competition pattern of second and third-line suppliers is relatively fierce, often through price competition to seize the market.

The domestic automotive engine valve main engine matching market competition mainly concentrated in a few professional valve manufacturers, its competitiveness is mainly reflected in the capital strength, design and development, product quality, timely matching and after-sales service capabilities. These enterprises occupy the supporting share of the main domestic mainframe factories and most of the market share of after-sales maintenance. At present, the domestic automotive engine valve market, the annual output of 20 million or more front-line enterprises mainly include Jinan Ward, Male Third Ring, Dengyun auto parts, etc., Dengyun and Jinan Ward in the diesel engine valve segmentation market occupies the majority of the market share, in addition to Dengyun auto parts, the rest Both have foreign backgrounds. The output of the three enterprises has reached more than 70% of the total output within the statistical scope, and the industry presents a situation of full competition among a few leading enterprises.

2) domestic aftermarket maintenance market

At present, the domestic automotive maintenance market is not standardized, neither a unified standard system, nor maintenance enterprises and maintenance parts for the quality of unified certification methods. Due to the large number of people in China, the automobile maintenance industry presents a large number of "4S" stores, professional maintenance companies, various types of self-employed households coexist. The more chaotic after-sales maintenance market has given those small parts processing factories or even producers of counterfeit products a chance to take advantage of, resulting in the current domestic valve after-sales maintenance market presents a disorderly competition pattern.

In view of this situation, the State Administration of Industry and Commerce, the General Administration of Quality Supervision and Inspection and the Ministry of Communications jointly issued the Notice on Further Strengthening the Supervision of Automobile Sales Behavior and the Quality of Automobile Parts in July 2010, which calls for further strengthening the supervision of the quality of automotive parts around the country, and severely investigating and punishing the illegal acts of manufacturing and selling fake and inferior automobile parts. Specifically, it is required to strengthen the supervision of the quality of auto parts in the production field, promote the improvement of the quality level of auto parts, strengthen the supervision of the quality of auto parts in the circulation field, maintain the order of the auto parts market, strengthen the supervision of the circulation channels of auto parts such as maintenance and decoration, and severely investigate and punish the maintenance of fake and inferior parts. Motor vehicle violations.

With the gradual development and maturity of China's automotive industry, the relevant laws and regulations are increasingly sound, the supervision of the automotive maintenance market will be more scientific and meticulous, and the automotive after-sales maintenance market competition will be gradually standardized and orderly.

(3) international main engine supporting market

Similar to the domestic main engine matching market, the international main engine matching market supply system for automotive engine valves is also a pyramid multi-level supplier system. At the top of the pyramid is the first-line supplier, the automobile engine manufacturer has higher requirements for the first-line supplier, close cooperation, stable supply and procurement relationship, and the competition pattern between the first-line suppliers is more stable; at the middle and bottom of the pyramid are the second and third-line suppliers, and the customers are matching these suppliers. The requirement of set ability is relatively low. In the process of automotive industry transfer, valve enterprises in developing countries have developed rapidly. Valve enterprises of certain scale can directly provide supporting valves to international main engine factories, and become the second and third line suppliers in the supply system of international main engine supporting market. Therefore, compared with the competition among the first-line suppliers, the competition between the second and third-line suppliers is more intense in the supply system of the international host matching market.

Looking from the global market, the automotive parts enterprises with strong production and development ability of automotive engine valves mainly have a few such as EATON, TRW and MAHLE. With their leading comprehensive R&D and manufacturing strength, they support the engines of the major automobile manufacturers all over the world, occupy most of the market share of the international automotive engine valve market, and rely on the advantages of brand, technology and capital, have set up factories in developing countries, through synchronous development with the main engine, technical support, supplementary. Competitive strategies such as aid services occupy the first place.

4) International aftermarket maintenance market

In the international after-sales service market, in order to ensure the supply of many varieties and small batches, automobile maintenance enterprises generally adopt the way of supplying by-factory accessories (qualified but not original). In the spare parts supply system of the auxiliary factory, the valve manufacturer does not supply to the engine main engine manufacturer, but directly distributes the valve products to the maintenance enterprise. Therefore, compared with the mainframe matching market, the threshold to enter the after-sales maintenance market is lower. Usually only through the third party certification can become a subsidiary supplier of spare parts in the maintenance market.

However, as the demand for valve in the international after-sales maintenance market has the characteristics of many varieties and small batches, valve manufacturers are required to be able to flexibly arrange production to ensure that the product types have a wide range of applicability.

In the current international after-sales maintenance market, in addition to the major automobile parts manufacturers in developed countries, valve manufacturers in developing countries also occupy a certain market share. Taking China as an example, according to the data published in the Chinese Automobile Industry Yearbook over the years, Jinan Ward Automobile Parts Co., Ltd., Huaiji Dengyun Automobile Parts Co., Ltd., Anhui Jinqinglong Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd. and many other enterprises are exporting to foreign countries, and the export market is mainly foreign. The after-sale maintenance market is the main market.

With the rapid development of downstream industries such as automobiles and construction machinery, the production and sales of main engines are also increasing, and a variety of new models are constantly emerging, and the requirements of engine valve types and sizes are increasingly diversified.

In the pyramid supplier system, the front-line manufacturer mainly faces the host (engine) manufacturer, but the proportion of production and sales is not high in the face of the terminal retail customers, so the formation of a "sales-to-production, production-to-order" business model. Usually, a front-line manufacturer needs to go through the procedures of third-party certification and supplier audit before supplying a product to a host manufacturer. The specific process is as follows:

General procedures for valve manufacturers to enter the main supporting market


It is precisely because of the stricter requirement of becoming a host matching manufacturer, so only a few domestic valve manufacturers including Huaiji Dengyun Automobile Parts Co., Ltd. meet the corresponding conditions and enter the ranks of first-line manufacturers of pyramid supplier system.

In the pyramid supplier system, the manufacturer of the second and third line valves mainly enters the maintenance service market through direct selling. Because the threshold of entering the domestic maintenance service market is low, there are more valve manufacturers in this market area, and the competition among manufacturers is fierce.




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